Find out more about the infamous Powder & Louder artists…

Since 1999 The Chosen Two make Europe’s clubs to better places on planet earth. It began all with a residency at the Morphclub in their native country Bamberg in south Germany. Meanwhile The Chosen Two are best known for their monthly Fish n Slips residency at Berlin’s infamous Golden Gate Club, which is held for […]

Wiesel & Captain Koma met a decade ago while studying ‘Life and its Improvement through Chemistry and Loudness’ at Frankonia High School on Planet Earth. After some experiments with Waveforms and Resonators in 1999 they were hired for their first residencies at Bambergs legendary Morphclub and the Wooloo Bar in Coburg. Soon they came into […]

One man – one mission. Put some powder on the floor and let the ladies through the door. Easy Is Dead sound is more electro, more deep and more pumping. The ‚Easy Is Alive‘ EP will be out in March 2009 on Powder and Louder including the ancient ‚No Money No Buy‘ song, the filthy […]

Draax & Seavers are Illy The Kid & Captain Koma. They continue to save or destroy the world either in their Spaceship or on their GMC Pickup. They teamed up in 2005 with one mission : TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH ! After spending uncountable nights in the non-atomic Sound Reactor they are now launching […]