The Chosen Two – Alte Frische EP (VINYL POWDER016)

After gaining support from the likes of Audiojack, Hanne & Lore, Malente and Pascal Feosjust to name a few, The Chosen Two are back with a massive and brand new EP! First theleading track Alte Frische which proved itself to shake all dance floors which is was everplayed so far! Coming with a groovy 80s style bass line and a liquid and funky acid line whichsounds like directly recorded from good old Norman Cook.Next up is Wasted a good time party track which for sure will make it in hot rotation of mostDJs playing the contemporary in-house style. The tune was created together with Toomsenwho is also one part of Bengel & Bosch and belongs to The Chosen Two’s party clique joiningthem on every Berlin party!For the deeper people around Neue Mattheit the last song on the EP will do it for sure. A darksynth arp line twisted together with a funked up bass and some crazy vocal scats.

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