More DJ mixes and party with The Chosen Two !

Here is some more sound for you : First up a live recording from The Chosen Two’s gig at club Ressort in Berlin. It is about one month old but still fresh and features a nice peak time selection of groovy tracks.

The Chosen Two – DJ Set @ Bunt.Getrieben (Ressort Club Berlin) 28.10.2011 by The Chosen Two

The second DJ mix is from Hanne & Lore who belong to Germany’s finest house DJs and producers at the moment. We liked their last DJ set a lot and yes, it features two The Chosen Two songs: Der Glockenkopf and Zeit Ist Gate ! Enjoy and start your weekend now !

Hanne & Lore @ You Fm Clubnight – December 2011 by Hanne & Lore

If you are up for some bloody party action in Berlin on saturday, we suggest visiting the BDay bash of one of our favourite local promoters and DJs: Astma. It is called Schützenfest and will take place at the Golden Gate and its always fun !

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