Here comes Powder & Louder no. 013: Die Panoramabluse by Bengel & Bosch

The music market can be happy, Powder & Louder number 013 just hit the stores worldwide. It comes from Bengel & Bosch the newest addition to the Powder & Louder camp and is called ‚Die Panoramabluse‘. Their tune is flavoured by some funky 90s synths and travelling at a nice house tempo perfect to warm up every dance floor around. The Chosen Two Powder & Louder heads Wiesel & Captain K deliver a more heavy remix with a solid bass and sick sounds coming straight out of Neukölln. Check out the release on soundcloud or jump directly to your favourite download shop and invest some coins in Powder & Louder!

By the way The Chosen Two got support for their latest releases from top acts like Audiojack or Zombie Disco Squad and their remix of Der E-Kreisel ‚Is it All‘ is in heavy rotation on several radio stations like There is a lot more exciting stuff in the pipeline for 2011, like a The Chosen Two release on Sascha Braemer’s Supdub label in February and The Chosen Two liveact will hit the clubs this spring !

Bengel & Bosch – Die Panoramabluse by Powder & Louder