Wiesel & Captain Koma

Wiesel & Captain Koma met a decade ago while studying ‘Life and its Improvement through Chemistry and Loudness’ at Frankonia High School on Planet Earth. After some experiments with Waveforms and Resonators in 1999 they were hired for their first residencies at Bambergs legendary Morphclub and the Wooloo Bar in Coburg. Soon they came into some serious trouble with the National Decibel Counters Agency (NDCA). It remains a secret what has happened at that time but their pioneering spirit lead them directly into the center of hell. Captain as the main suspect was expelled immediately. He went on an odyssey through 18 schools, countless police stations and several other institutions of trouble. Wiesel was judged to be the guinea pig within an experiment on high frequencies far beyond the human appropriateness. Rumors were mentioning Captain as being brainwashed and Wiesel as being half deaf and blind.

And while the Rumors were spreading, Wiesel moved to Berlin concentrating on producing and promoting the monthly Fish n Slips night at the city’s most wicked club Golden Gate. Koma made a move on to Cologne and took focus on the success of his temporary project The Boogie Army. Together Wiesel & Captain released over 20 records on 13 different labels, scoring tune of the month awards in Mixmag and DJ Mag and getting plays on top radio stations like BBC Radio One and KissFM. Their business took them to clubs and festivals over Europe supporting famous artists like The Chemical Brothers, Moonbootica, Krafty Kuts, Switch or Evil9 just to mention a few.

Getting more and more professional in the studio and producing several projects of different dance music styles, 2009 was the right time to launch their own music label Powder & Louder. Focusing on positive club sound the releases include music by Wiesel & Captain Koma, their trashed up 90s style project The Chosen Two and deeper electro tracks by Easy Is Dead. With a bunch of fine remixes by like-minded producers and high quality studio mastering, Powder & Louder sound waves are invading your hearing through all speakers of this world.

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